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Barcelona, Spain | May 22 - 23, 2017

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A Workshop

Wanderers unite

Wandering hearts will come together this May to create one epic workshop. We are going to learn from each other, grow as artists and individuals, and of course get some incredible shots along the way. 

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to Inspire

& Photoshoots

Wanderers all have stories to share, and we want to hear yours. During the workshop we will be making time for conversation so that we can truly learn and grow together. No questions will be off limits, anything you are curious about we are ready to chat. We love sharing our experiences, and that includes shooting! During our live photoshoots we are open and honest about why, what, and how we shoot. There are also going to be some pretty epic locations, so keep "where" in mind too, you won't be disappointed.

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& Dallas+Sabrina

The Wanderers Workshop is a One and a half day intense learning and growing session with 4 of Rangefinder Magazine´s Rising Stars of Wedding Photography: Don+Helen (Spain) and Dallas+Sabrina (Canada). They will lead you along the paths that they have wandered and share with you their experiences in the wedding photography industry. Inspirations, Destination Weddings, Workflow, Marketing, Storytelling and Storylistening, Live Photo-Editing, Question and Answer Sessions, Portfolio Critique, Live Photo Shoots, hanging out and more!!!  




As creatives we all need to be inspired, inspired to create, to achieve, to accomplish and to carry on. We are going to inspire one another, and be inspired by each other. Not to mention being in one of the most inspiring cities ever, Barcelona is gonna get you stoked!



During the first day we will be spending time to go through our entire workflow with you. We will show what works for us, and what doesn't. We will talk about the struggles, hurdles, and roadblocks we have encountered and how we have overcome them. No question is off limits, want to know something specific? Ask away, we aren't holding anything back!

Live Photo Shoots

Along with a day of inspiration, information and education, we are going to do a couple amazing photoshoots on day 2! Barcelona is an incredibly photogenic city, from the Area Gotico, to the fortress of Montjuic, to the beach at Barceloneta, there is something for everyone. You will have the opportunity to photograph several models in various locations around the city. 


Hanging Out

We all need a break some times, and wanderers need to rest their feet. We want you to have an amazing time so we will be keeping things light, fun and enjoyable. Kick your feet up, grab your travel journal and drink and enjoy!




Palo Alto Poblenou, Barcelona


Join us in the city where history, architecture, art and the ocean collide. Barcelona, a world renowned city and for good reason. Known for it's laid back style and world class cuisine, find and leave your heart in this incredible place. The workshop location, a repurposed textile warehouse in the art district is at the centre of it all. This will be an event you will not want to miss. To keep the workshop feel intimate only a limited number of seats are available. 

And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea. But for now we are young. Let us lay in the sun. And count every beautiful thing we can see.
— Neutral Milk Hotel
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